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FAAM, quality, environment and safety

Certifications have always been an essential point as a basic element for the recognition in the global market; A starting point for competing at the level of innovation and continuous improvement.FIB S.p.A. IS CERTIFIED ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001


The great Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results" .. and we strongly believe. For this always our goal is continuous improvement, in terms of quality management and innovation, product, process, environmental protection. The basis for this improvement are the man and the relationships, because we strongly believe that they are the real resources essential to create value for the days to come!

ISO 9001ISO 14001



Quality and Innovation Policy:

Innovation is an essential value for the company's development and growth and for increasing customer satisfaction. Having new products with better performance and greater energy efficiency is a need that the market imposes and the growing and diversified customer needs bring companies to develop a new way of managing innovation and their implementation processes with a different system Approach that points decisively to market expectations.
The FIB management model was developed in accordance with the new UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard and is essentially inspired by quality management principles, in particular:
•Customer orientation
•Involvement of staff
•Process governance
•Continuous improvement
The pursuit of this objective is implemented through:
•Attention continues to the satisfaction of the customer with accurate detection of his liking
•The incentive to the emergence of innovative ideas is within ours. Structure that customers have the technical development of the resources available
•Care for Professional Growth for All Business Staff
•Promoting the diffusion and sharing of information
•The full involvement of business personnel in pursuing
•The improvement and customer satisfaction
•Continuous improvement of your management system through new management tools for control of efficiency and effectiveness of innovation and business quality
•The orientation of innovation to environmental improvements and energy saving going beyond those that are simple aspects of compliance with current legislation.
The complete points about daily innovation in processes and product products are contained in the company document "POLICY FOR QUALITY AND INNOVATION".

Environmental policy:

FIB supports any action aimed at protecting human health and the surrounding environment, avoiding that products and processes pose significant risks to people and to the ecosystem. This commitment will be pursued in compliance with existing environmental legislation and internal environmental regulations and by carrying out all the activities necessary to prevent and reduce the pollution caused by battery design and production activities. Through the adoption of environmentally friendly technology and plant renewal, the Company is committed to pursuing continuous improvement of environmental performance to ensure that processes provide the greatest possible protection of the environment. In addition to improving the work environment, FIB intends to control, reduce and improve the quality of its emissions, water discharges and waste generation. All these commitments will also be pursued through specific environmental training of all staff. Through the orientation of innovation to environmental improvements and energy saving going beyond those that are the simple aspects of compliance with current legislation. This document is made public through the FAAM brand website and is disseminated to all the Company's staff and to those who work on behalf of it, especially the professionals and contractors operating at the Monterubbiano production site. Contractors must also, in addition to this document, transmit communications on behaviors to be kept inside the site to avoid possible environmental impacts. He / she is aware that the goal of ensuring environmental compliance requires constant commitment from all staff and that it can only be achieved successfully through a systematic approach to environmental innovation issues. The principles outlined above form the basis for defining the company's environmental improvement objectives and targets.

Innovation for the Environment:
All of our processes are designed to have a reduced environmental impact, so we have consistently worked on the following points:
•Continuous energy efficiency research, which has made it possible to set up the Energy Saving Battery system, which saves up to 27% of the energy needed to recharge batteries for traction.
•Optimization of finished products that are more reliable and performing in terms of safety and environmental compliance (New Traction Cover).
•Continuous improvement of atmospheric and water emissions: EMS probe insertion for continuous emission monitoring, optimization of the purifier and battery charging phase that allow for less energy consumption and less polluting waste in the purifier. •Continued optimization of production processes that have led to lower waste production thanks to a recyclability policy.
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